Selected Artists :



Julie Impens, Qiaodan Xiang, Straw-K Art, Kate McCarthy, Electra Costa 

Gayane Karapetyan,Saheli Khastagir Emer Costello,Yedam Ann, Ezio Cicciarella Huanglu Shi Marianela Tello Cruz ,Jasenka Hoffmann,Duncan Gidney

Edna Cantoral Acosta,Katelend Rosaen, José Mendes, Ivona Victoria Moro

Leon Norris, Bruno Giordano, Jelena Lunge, Lucy Jane Codd, Eric Nyagaya

Charles Onyango, Janine Ewen.


The ARTERNATIVE PLAYGROUND is an International art fair which provides observations by a wide range of artists on what it is to be avant-guard today.


A lot of narratives on 19th century art movements from modernism to altermodernism are from an American or European perspective. The PLASTICINE ART FACTORY have selected artists beyond these borders to share reflections on what it is to be a contemporary artist in our current political and economic context.

Selected works from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and Australia are curated together to re-question are status quo from a fresh panoramic viewpoint.


Venue: The Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London

Opening Night: 3rd September 6pm – 11pm

Dates: 3rd – 6th September 2015