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The Final Pipe
Emer Costello
creates real or documentation from imaginary events which blur the lines between art, acting and ceremony. She studies body movements and gestures as a form of non-verbal communication and reconfigures this into her own dialect. Her Pipe Series Performance May 2014 supported by a live bagpiper at Edinburgh College of Art, played with the rules of physicality and distorted notions of flesh and blood both through the manipulation of the human form and the perimeters of the stage.
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Julie Impens-image4.jpg
I`m not in the mood today
Bruno Giordano
mixed media on canvas 100x100cm
Artist Davide Bernardis
Print on PVC applied on plexiglass
110x75 cm
Don't kill me I'm in love
Artist Viola Kunst
mixed media,100x80 cm
Na na na you cant catch me
Artist Fiona Kennedy-Altoft
acrylic on canvas 120cmx90cm
'Hands in Hair'
Artist Shireen Qureshi 'Hands in Hair' oil on canvas 60cmx80cm. 2010
Charles. machine of dream
Artist Emiliano Stella
80x80cm - mixed on texture - 2010
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